Functional Blackouts - The Very Best of the Monkees [2007]

These Chicago punks delivered some loud, noisy, treble heavy and filthy guitar nihilism. The band broke up in 2006 and later went on to form incredible Daily Void with a new drummer. This compilation compiles eighteen tracks from their earliest recordings to their final outputs; singles and compilation appearances, cuts from their splits with Fashion Fashion and The Image Boys as well as the songs from the split with the KK Rampage as well as three unreleased tracks. This is one of the most brilliant bands i have heard in a long time. Functional Blackouts have never lacked any creativity and noise assaults so you should worship their records and trash everything that stands in your way while you're into their nihilistic and barbaric vibe.

Out on Dead Beat. Go get it there.




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  1. My man, this post must seem ancient by now! But I'd love to get my hands on this, anyway you could dropbox it to me? That would rule and would forever owe you one. (I run the blog Severed Heads Open Minds)