Crime Wave - Savage Reaction 12" [2010] & Modern Lobotomies 7" [2011]

Houston, Texas punx featuring members of No Talk, PMRC, Bloody Hammer and so on. Both LP and 7" are total rippers. Straightforward punk rock tunes with a rock n roll edge and slight Oi! vibe now and then. Crime Wave remind me of both Dicks and british crusades Templars a lot. Both releases are out on Agrowax. Agrowax should also put out their new 12" titled "Nazi Sex / Convulsion Gospels" in May, so keep an eye on that.

Savage Reaction 12"
Modern Lobotomies 7"



  1. tank you so much for sharing that gem... "catholic discipline" from the 12" is one of my new faves songs now and the other songs are also good...

  2. thx for posting this. crime wave is coming out with more stuff in june - new lp is posted on agrowax now

  3. Great stuff. To me they sound little bit like good old TURBONEGRO, ass cobra period. Thx for sharing. Having attended a catholic boy school, of course, catholic discipline a fav of mine, too. Cheers.

  4. heres the new album - FREE of course kind sirs