Dykemann Family - Dykemann Family EP [2010]

Dykemann Family are all about primal, trashy and raw garage rock sounds delivered with a hell of a lot of punk rock energy and with a slight rockabilly feel. Influences vary from Billy Childish, Dead Boys and The Cramps to Crypt Rec. type of bands. Below you can download their 1st EP including three killer tunes plus The Seeds cover. As we speak these guys recorded a couple of new gems and are looking for a label to release it so if you're interested get in touch with 'em. DF members were \ are also involved in The Babies \ Welcomin’ Commitee In Flames and B And The Bops.

Hear new gems here: Dykemann Family SNDCLD
DWNLD 1st EP here: Dykemann Family - Dykemann Family EP (2010)

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