Nitad - Den Gudomliga Varlden [2010]

This one was released last year on DE:NIHIL RECORDS and totally slays. It's not very different from their previous releases which is fine with me because NITAD are one of my favorite bands. Anyway, it's 4 ripping hardcore songs in just under 10 minutes with Gårzon being my favorite of the bunch. And the cover art is fucking fantastic.

You can buy the ep HERE.





  1. Thanks a lot for an excellent post...!

  2. Hey thanks for linking TL to Cold War. I really like your blog too. I should be adding some interesting stuff soon so check in every so often. Do you know what the new ENERGY record is called?

    Cheers, Will

  3. Sometimes i have desire to download a album only by its art. Nitad was in Brazil in 2009, great show, great band, great art!!

  4. give us some love. 6.6.2011 is far too long to wait for new sounds! thanks

  5. Thanks so much for all the gems you introduce your readers to. I especially like Houston's THE ENERGY; be sure to check out their second album (GET SPLIT) at the bandcamp site (making use of firefox addon downloadhelper you can listen to it offline, too). It really got me into Houston punk rock stuff. Thanks.