Surf Nazis Must Die - Anti-everything EP [2003]

It's Easter, and what better way to celebrate it than by putting up some hardcore punk recordings for people to download?

So, we bring you Surf Nazis Must Die, the cult German teenage thrashers!

"Anti-everything", which happens to be of my favourite EP's of all time, contains 8 really short songs dealing with being angry, hating, being hated, being hated by girls, emo kids getting blown to shit... you know, the usual stuff teenage punx write songs about.

As for the music, expect hardcore punk that's fast but not too fast, sounds kinda sloppy but is actually well played, and a vocalist that sounds like an angry Eric Cartman.

I think this is completely sold out, so don't bother looking for a physical copy. But if you insist, try eBay.
Otherwise, download here.



  1. The singer sure has some issues. :-D
    Thanks for a great post - again...

  2. I recommend the Surf Nazis demo too beacuse it has some songs not on the EP and it`s great demo. I`m not sure if there is any download link of that demo on the net but I have it on tape thought :)

  3. Yo!
    Here you can download both Surf Nazis Must Die EP and Demo! Enjoy! No friends! No crew!


  4. NOM NOM
    Thanks guys!