Double Negative - Daydreamnation [2010]

Ahh, the first blog entry in a million years.
You probably thought we were dead or something, but no, we were just lazy.

So, what we have here is the sophomore album by Raleigh, NC's Double Negative. Legend has it that they had recorded the album, but then someone broke into their practice space and stole the portable 16-track the album was on. That didn't stop them though - they recorded the whole thing all over again and punk won!

To quote the Revelation Records webstore, these guys play "raw, Void and early COC-influenced hardcore punk", and I'd say that's a good description. Now, if you're into hardcore punk, you might notice that the riffs sound familiar and you've heard them all before, but they're played in a fresh and very unique manner, so you could still call this pretty original. Besides, it's not like you hear bands that play "raw, Void and early COC-influenced hardcore punk" every day. Great stuff.

Download these 13 hardcore punk rippers here... or even better, buy the record from the good people of Sorry State Records.