Goodnight Loving - Up North Girl 7'' [2008]

BANCROFT RECORDS bring us yet another great release by GOODNIGHT LOVING. The three songs which are on it are probably my favorite songs the band has released to this date. The title song is a great twangy summer anthem but the two slower ones that follow it are where it's at for me. PAYPHONE breaks my heart every time i listen to it. Perfect.

Contact BANCROFT via their MYSPACE page for getting your copy. Also, since the people that run BANCROFT are the same people who are behind SMASHIN' TRANSISTORS you can probably find more info there.





  1. Thanks for posting this!
    Lotsa bands consider themselves to have a "unique" sound that's hard to label, but Goodnight Loving truly IS hard to label. You've done a good job with "Garage Pop" and "Americana."

    Have you ever heard Benjy Ferree? His first album is on the jangly Americana side, and his last one was more Americana crossed with T Rex (Slider and Electric Warrior era). His stuff's on Domino if you wanna check it out.

  2. nope, never heard ov him! but i like the comparisons so i'll check it out, thanks!


  3. It's rare for any band these days to REALLY get my toes a-tappin', or REALLY hit me right in the heart. Goodnight Loving does both, many times within the same song!

    Thanks for posting this. If you haven't bought it yet, be sure to check out Mark Sultan's new album. Sultan (and KK&BBQ) and Black Lips and Goodnight Loving all kick ass, and especially excel at writing "up-beat sad songs." (Probably Davila 666, too, but my spanish isn't good enough to understand most of their lyrics)