Tyvek + Cheveu live at Zvuk Sobice 15. 4. 2009.

photo by PORTUN.

On 15. 4. 2009., before their SPUNK concert, TYVEK and CHEVEU played some songs on ZVUK SOBICE, a radio show on RADIO STUDENT in ZAGREB, CROATIA. These are the recordings of their performances.

The show goes on fridays from 18 to 20 CET. You can stream from
HERE if you want to listen to some nice music and occasional gibberish in Croatian.

TYVEK set list:

1. frustration rock
2. building burning
3. marry ellen claims
4. honda


CHEVEU set list:

1. like a deer in the headlights
2. new song [divisov]
3. hello friends
4. c'est ca l'amour
5. pangolin



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  1. hey, is there any chance you might put the cheveu file again? cheveu's really great