Yussuf Jerusalem - A Heart Full of Sorrow [2008]

from Victim of Time

The debut album from the mysteriously veiled French dude, Yussuf Jerusalem just recently came out on Floridas Dying, titled A Heart Full of Sorrow. Also having played under the banner of Yussuf Jerusalem and the Riders of Allah, the imagery on his myspace site pokes at Western Culture's embedded fear of cave dwelling dudes in black hoods whose jihad-fueled hatred burns in the secluded cliffs of a mountain in Afghanistan. Coupled with the death metal imagery on his debut album, which visually brings to mind old world monks casting spells in burlap ropes, one might expect something completely different from this record once the needle hits the grooves. But these are different times we are living in, and now a band that plays weird, folky, and vaguely gloomy music can open their debut release with a death metal tune if they want.




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